Launch of Worship With Pride!


I am writing you today to make an announcement. I am so excited for this so I hope that it causes the same excitement for you.

As of last week, we have finally have a home for our mission!

I would like to formally announce our new mission name, Worship With Pride (WWP).

Worship With Pride is hosted by the historic St. Marks Church in the Hydrostone area of Halifax. This has come as a direct result of our efforts to grow and serve all minorities and those in need, regardless of faith, expression, religion, or identity. This new community will be a grassroots program from the ground up. You are welcome here whether you already have a church home or not, whether you are Christian or not, or if you just want to sit and be a part of the conversation.

This new space gives us a base of operation and the ability to serve the local populations in the Halifax and Dartmouth regions while providing valuable community space and belonging. We will be planning various events around our new location in the future. We will continue streaming and worship monthly for now while we grow and iron out any kinks.

I would also like to welcome the Rev. Nichola Fish-Cumine into her role as Lead Pastrix of our local mission, Worship With Pride @ the Hydrostone. As the rector of St. Marks, she has helped us find our space and we welcome her into this missional role. She has been influential in this idea and opportunity for us, and we value all she and her team have done for us.

From St. Marks:

"We at St. Mark’s Anglican Church are excited by the new life and transformation in this place, and we are delighted that you are here to celebrate this important occasion of remembrance at our parish.

We are a congregation committed to celebrating Christ’s enduring love and respect for the dignity of all. "

You can find more information about St. Mark's Parish here:

What does this mean for Proud Anglicans of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island? This means we will be able to continue to focus on our missional work and work around the diocese as well as serving the local population of our city. This does not mean we will not be at a local parish near you! Our goal has always been to serve around the diocese, and we will be reaching out to various clergy in the region to "take this show on the road" as it were, shortly. For any Clergy wishing to get involved just send us an email. We still require a list of those willing to preside or preach in all aspects of our group.

Our services will continue to be put online monthly as they have been, and our next service (with in person worship pending Coronavirus numbers) will be announced shortly.

For those who still want to help out in various roles and assist in any way, we still need you! We value your voices and as a community we can make this grow. Please contact us should you wish to get involved.

-Br. Dylan

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