What a time.

Hope everyone has been having a good summer. I want to take the time to write a little post about what I have been doing. So far, this has been a fantastic journey. Coming live to you daily via Proud NS and PEI's facebook page for prayer alone has been transformative for me as I am sure it is for Kent. Please go ahead and follow us there for daily posts. Let's take a moment to pray for him on his journey. He has taken on this mission with the vigour I have not had myself.

Personally, I have taken a tough bit of time to reflect on myself and what I am called to do in mission. Some may argue that mission work is a "thing" that we do, but I assure you it is not. It is a life we live. It is giving each day over to the happenings of the world and our place in it. It is the peeks of God we have through the day: be it the beggar at the street corner or a phone call from a friend. Jesus is indeed looking back in our faces in these experiences. It is a mirror that we reflect the goodness of Christ back into the world. We are just the vessel. Holy Spirit use me, fill me, mould me, carry me. I am sure things will work out as they are meant to and for that, I am grateful.

For those of you I have been very private with, I have experienced some trauma that has caused me to step back some from this part of my life back in the spring. I was harassed and harmed by another charity organization I previously supported and was affiliated with, all because of this: our mission here and my lifestyle. I couldn't stand the abuse anymore and I left. In due time I will talk about my experiences there, but I want to make sure enough time and therapy has passed that I can tackle it. So, all that said, thank you for being so patient with me. I appreciate it. The fight isn't over, rather it is just continuing. We are not going anywhere.

In other news, we are entering a period of living with Covid-19, so I feel confident in posting the remaining events for the year. I am sorry I have not done so sooner. Some of you may know I am also a vowed religious in an Anglican community. Due to COVID-19 I have not had the experiences I needed to refresh and renew my call and I felt drained of life. I felt like I was stuck in limbo and unable to change my life and the world around me. The plans I had made for this mission did not fully occur. The journey I wanted to take did not happen. I took a sabbatical for myself last week and went on Pilgrimage to St, Josephs Oratory in Montreal, my favourite church. I haven't been on a traveling journey since this began and with most churches here still closed, I felt isolated. I knew that this journey would be like sweet honey to my lips, and indeed it was.

The Church was built by (Saint) Br. André Bessette, a Roman Catholic brother in a religious order who was told he was too frail or weak to do anything other than open the door to the college building he was housed in. So he sat there, for years, guarding the door. But God had big plans for this small man. Through his listening and guarding this door to the college he was at, he was able to heal those who came to him. Suddenly word of the miracles spread, and he had thousands come to him from across the world to see the "Miracle Man of Mount Royal". Miracles were being worked through this small gate keeper, all because of his belief in God that anything is possible with faith. His faith to God and devotion to St, Joseph lead him to build the worlds largest shrine to St. Joseph on Mount Royal in Montreal. It is a magnificent place of simplistic beauty. His body is entombed forever within the soul of this shrine. Indeed his heart seems to radiate his gift of this place to us, so that we never forget that we are the shining light and workers of God in the world. A lamp on a lamppost. A light unto our feet.

Br. André is actually my patron saint, and the whole reason I came back to church, one that I thought would never love me. He was a living example of someone who others didn't believe would change the world, something I too feel called to do. I may indeed by cut off from my brothers now for another year due to covid, but I know that I have the strength to continue working in the field. Again, I am grateful.

So, what do these ramblings mean? I don't know. I just wanted to make sure you all knew where I was at. We are all human and need support and love and communication I think, so I ask for your love and support as we continue to grow this place and change the world around us.

Now I know it seemed we didn't get a lot done during the summer, but I know now that is ok. It is not about the quantity anyway, but the quality. I know this time we can get more accomplished and I can refocus my mission to you, the reader of my ramblings. I shall continue to build this foundation with God's help and your love. Thank you.

And for the time to read and reflect on these words, I am also very grateful. I offer this up to you, Lord, and through the intercession of St. André, Stella Maris, and All of the saints of God, may I continue to serve Christ in all whom I meet. Amen.

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