Image by Aaron Burden


A Community Mission in Halifax

Have you been trying to find a place to explore and ask those types of questions no one else wanted to answer? We are too. Are you trying to find a place to belong and be a part of something bigger? Yep, us too. Do you feel like you want to try and change the world around around you? Same. Everyone is welcome to Worship With Pride, a new ecumenical movement out of St.Marks in the North End of Halifax that aims to support the community around us. We are focusing on outreach and the community we serve as well as offering a place to gather. All are welcome at the table and have a voice. 

As a mission, we are establishing our community base here in the North End to service all LGBTQ+ and allies within the HRM. Don't have a home or spiritual place of worship? Disenfranchised with normal mainstream denominations? Hurt in the past by Christianity? We see you. You are welcome here. You are loved!